standards-1a1At Klepacki Dental Laboratory, we have developed a fabrication process that has been a success for more than 35 years. Within this process are a series of quality control checkpoints performed by skilled technicians with microscopic accuracy. These checkpoints allow us to identify problems, make adjustments, save both the technician and dentist valuable time and ensure a quality restoration.

Each case that enters the lab goes through a check-in and sanitation process. The impression is microscopically verified*, and model work begins. The dentist’s office is contacted at any time throughout all procedures to discuss case details.


Upon completion of model work, accuracy of mounting is determined and preliminary restoration design begins, including materials and substructure design.**

During our fabrication process, many factors are taken into account.  For example: proximal contact management, occlusal contact per client request (i.e.; light, none, etc.), movement, function,shading/custom shading, etc.

Once the case has been completed and a final inspection has taken place, it is sanitized, packaged and shipped. A “Case Management Summary” may be included with the case communicating to the dentist salient facts or concerns regarding the timely and successful insertion of the case.
standards-21We pride ourselves in our delivery record. From 1995 to 2008 we have had 3 on time delivery failures. That computes to one failure every 4.66 years! Enjoy some peace of mind with Klepacki Dental Laboratory.

*Please note we have a working knowledge to manage physical or virtual impressions data. The goal of providing superior restorations does not change. Our experiences have shown that CAD/CAM is a great aid, but has not replaced the need for human skills in the fabrication process. Perhaps someday it will.
**Prudent design dictates support for porcelain regardless if the substructure is Metal, Lithium Dislicate or Zirconia. In general, this same “Prudent Design” approach is applied to all fixed and removable appliances.