Materials suitable for use in fabrication of intra oral restorations require characteristics unique to the oral environment. Certain instances also require an esthetic component; they have to look like teeth. This presents a challenge to both the technician and practitioner. We at Klepacki Dental Laboratory study the properties and suitability for use in the mouth. As some examples: physical properties such as load capacity can change by merely changing the shape of a material; the strength of a ceramic can change by the heat and cool rate.

We invest in the study of biomechanics of the skull and in particular the jaw and its role in the digestive process and hence in the health of an individual. An effort is made to engineer emergence profiles, cleared lateral movements, gentle centric stops and passive proximal contacts to create a long lasting restoration that is in harmony within the envelope of function.

We invest a great deal of effort in understanding materials management as it relates to the fabrication process to ensure a long lasting restoration. Ongoing dialogues exist with most all suppliers and manufactures of the products we use in the fabrication of your restorations.

Recent CAD-CAM developments offer additional fabrication assistance, however no system we have examined to date offer accuracies obtained by the traditional “hand made” processes. All systems require the intervention of a skilled technician in achieving the goal of acceptable restorative components.